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By downloading or using this Site & Application, these terms will automatically apply to you. Please make sure therefore that you read and understand them carefully before using this Application, as you are hereby requested to bind by them and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Use of Mobile Application:

  • Application will help you locate the nearest craftsman in Beirut Administrative district
  • Application will provide you with information on needed documents for the most frequent official formalities
  • Show your interest in being a volunteer
  • Show your interest in donating to help the less privileged
  • Application will help job seekers find better opportunities throughout the NGO’s networks
  • Application will give you the opportunity to be engaged towards building a better city through its feature “Citizen problem Report” in which Beirutiyat neighborhood committees will act as mediators between official entities and/or organizations and citizens towards improving, developing and solving arising problems in their community
  • Application will highlight Beirutiyat current and upcoming events and activities under the feature “Happening now”

“Report a Problem” Scope

  • Scope of intervention will be strictly limited to issues endangering citizens’ lives and preventive maintenance according to the here below list
  • Reporting a problem is strictly limited to Beirut Administrative district (Ras Beirut, Ain el Mreisseh, Mina el Hosn, Beirut port, Medawar, Rmeil, Bachoura, Zkak el Blat, Msaytbeh, Ashrafieh, Mazraa & Saifi
  • Problems that are politically related or shall require ministerial decrees and/or government budgeting will not be tackled
  • Problems resulting from individual and personal conflicts will not be addressed
  • Problems resulting from a “Force Majeure” such us earthquake, riots, strikes and so forth will not be handled
  • Time frame for solving any problem is limited to a Maximum of 37 working days – out of which 3 working days for authentication and case adoption and 34 working days for follow up with relative government authorities – period after which users will be notified if his/her case was successfully solved or obstructed
  • User will be able to follow the progress of his/her reported problem under the bookmarked feature of the mobile application at any moment
  • User may report different problems by uploading the picture on the application, while turning on his/her GPS
  • All submitted pictures will be filtered prior to posting. Pictures that are irrelevant, obscene, indecent or offensive will be automatically deleted and removed from the entire system


Problem Categories Sub-Category
A- Immediate intervention (public endangerment)
1- Water a- sewage pipe burst
b- water pipe burst
c- sewage / water contamination
d- sewage / soil contamination
e- water retention during and after rain
2- Waste a- bin relocation
b- garbage / soil contamination
3- Electricity a- haut voltage cable burst
b- electrical post lightings
c- near fall lighting post
4- Roads & Side walks a- potholes
b- leakage of slippery materia
c- absence of manhole covers
d- absence of protective fences on roads full of dangerous bends
e- absence of fences on sidewalk above cliffs, building structures, seashore etc..
5- Building, bridge and wall infrastructure a- cracks within structure that jeopardizes lives
b- dangerous loose ends (steel, glass etc..)
B- Preventive Maintenance
1- Water a- installation of new pump stations
b- installation of new pipes
c- regular cleaning and maintenance of sewage pipes
2- Waste a- replacement of defected garbage bins
b- additional garbage bins in specific areas
3- Electricity a- cable installation
b- electrical post lighting
c- additional posts in dark alleys or roads
d- generator exhaust management
4- Roads & Side walks a- asphalting roads
b- pothole maintenance
c- maintenance of sidewalks
d- tile setting of sidewalks
e- pedestrian delimitation
5- Cultural Heritage and sustainability a-conservation of historical building, sites
b- cleansing public gardens and parks
c- irrigation of public gardens and parks
d- tree trimming
e- Pine trees protection
f- planting in gardens and parks